If you are ready to make a change and believe you deserve to get what you want from dating or your social life, a Dating Made Simple workshop may be just what you're looking for. Our workshops are designed for individuals who want a lot of information in a short period of time.

Our workshops are tailored for specific groups including:
•Single adults starting over
•Women only
•Newly divorced

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About Our Workshops
Our 2-day workshops cover information on a broad range of topics that you will be able to apply immediately. Examples of the topics covered during the workshop are:

The First Impression -
•Learn the secrets to making a positive first impression.
•Find out how easy it is to make yourself socially desirable.
•Discover simple behaviors that will attract others to you.

•It’s more than just talking.
•The art of starting a conversation – Simple things you can do to get a conversation started.
•Sending a message without saying a word – How to use non-verbal communication.

What is your DATE personality?
•Take the DATE quiz to discover your dating personality.
•Gain insight into how your DATE personality affects your dating style.
•Use your identified strengths to overcome your dating challenges.

•Updating your look
•Defining your style

Staging for Dating
•Decorating without spending a dime.
•Creating a home environment for entertaining that reflects your style.


Seminars available for immediate scheduling:
Make the First Impression Count (for Businesses and Professional Organizations) – your first impression has a significant impact on your sales presentations, your customer acquisition and retention. If you are part of a group or organization with a limited amount of time, then one of our customized seminars may work well for you.

Interpersonal Communication – understanding your own personality type and that of your audience will improve your effectiveness in business or social situation.

Call or email us for the current schedule of workshops or to arrange a seminar for your organization.