Make The First Impression Count
Impressions are formed in the first few seconds of meeting someone. "Make The First Impression Count" was designed to assist individuals to maximize their strengths within those first few critical moments. We provide you with specific feedback on how others may perceive you. Understanding the impression you make will give you the self-confidence and power to connect with people in order to build the types of relationships you desire.
How It Works
"Make The First Impression Count" is an opportunity to be assessed on how your dating and/or social skills are received by others and give you suggestions on ways you can better communicate your appeal.

You will have the option to meet for either a one-hour simulated first date or social get-together with a consultant at local coffee shop. There you will engage in a conversation similar to one that you would have when meeting someone for the first time. You will be responsible for purchasing drinks for both you and the consultant.

After the date or social get-together you and the consultant will schedule a time to meet in order to review the impression you made. During this 50-min. meeting the consultant will review how you came across over-all and whether or not you communicated the impression you were intending.

During this follow-up session you will be provided with information that specifically demonstrates how others are likely to perceive you. The information is based on your verbal communication, the way you conduct yourself and your physical appeal. All of this information can either communicate a positive or negative impression. Finally, the consultant will offer specific suggestions on ways that you can improve your appeal to others using your individual strengths, positive behaviors and the verbal and non-verbal positive messages you communicate.

We will also provide you with a written follow-up recapping what you discussed with your consultant. This written assessment will also detail suggestions you can use to improve your first impression and your communication skills.

Cost for this service is $175.00

Email or call us for more information or to sign up for Make The First Impression Count.