Sexual Harrasment in the Workplace:

Sexual harassment in the workplace is something that is unfortunately common in many situations. There was recently a movement called the me too movement who encouraged many people to speak up about their personal sexual assault experience. Sexual assault in the workplace has become a big problem and this needs to end immediately.

This movement was able to help out many of the victims begin their healing process and it encouraged many people all over the world to speak up about their stories. Many of the people who spoke up about this issue mentioned that the sexual assault had happened in their job which has caused many people to talk about this issue.

The work place should be a safe environment where people should only be focused on doing their job and no place to think about sexually harassing a co worker. It is important to speak up about any sexual assault that you may have experience or know of anyone who has experience this. Together, we can all end this sexual assault and support and encourage one another.

It is important to do something about this issue to prevent having any more victims in regards to this issue.