Sexual Abuse Underwraps

Young Businesswoman Holding Digital Tablet In Front Of Two Businessman In Office

The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace is becoming more and more of an issue in the world today. Women everywhere are finally starting to speak up about things that men do that make them uncomfortable and are not afraid to say when things go too far. Sometimes however, in the workplace speaking up about sexual harassment can be more challenging for a woman. You don’t want to cause issues with your co-workers and risk compromising your job but you also can’t let others take advantage of you.
As a woman you need to be aware of the signs and alerting behavior you may see in a male co-worker who is trying to be more than just friends with you. Some major signs that you are being sexually targeted by another co-worker include:

  • Unnecessary touching, even if it is only on the arm, shoulder or back
  • Asking a lot of personal questions about your home and love life
  • Constantly complimenting you on your clothing or physical attributes

If you are noticing any of these behaviors being exhibited by another person at work it may be time to sit down with your supervisor and have a conversation about it. You want to be proactive not reactive when it comes to serious matters such as sexual harassment. So please speak up, even in the workplace, if you are being touched or looked at in ways that make you feel uncomfortable it is not okay and you should not have to keep silent.