Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harassment

The lawn across the United States requires companies to have set protocol in place to address the risk of sexual harassment. Many states will hold the company responsible for situations in which sexual-harassment cars and is not properly addressed by the company. Preventing in responding to sexual-harassment is challenging as it is partially designed to fight against human nature. Here are some of the steps to prevent did respond to sexual harassment that a company should have in place in order to appropriately address the risks associated with it.

Develop a Program to Train and Respond to Sexual Harrassment

Every company should have in place a program to train employees on how to identify and respond to situations of sexual harassment in the workplace. The Board of Directors, senior management, human resources, and others in the company should all be involved in developing a clear and decisive policy regarding what is appropriate workplace behavior and what is not. Most of the definitions should stem from the lawyer and we designed to protect the company in situations where workers are sexually harassed. Often, this begins with a program to identify harassment.

Developing a Program and Process

There should be a dedicated person in the company who receives sexual harassment claims and has to properly document the companies response to the client. Whistleblower should not be punished unless their claims are clearly fragile it and with the purpose of harming the other side unjustly. Employees should feel as if the doors open to address sexual harassment claims in a professional way without the potential that the case is just pushed aside and not properly responded to by the company. Employees accused of sexual harassment should Undergogo further training Or be punished for their abuse.