Me too movement

The me too movement has been something that has been highly talked about and recognized. The me too movement is about raising awareness about sexual assault and sexual harassment. This movement became popular in October of 2017 because of someone who tweeted about it and this is what has encouraged many people to share their stories about their own personal experience with sexual assault.

Many people have shared their stories on social media and have made a hashtag about the ‘me too movement.’ Many of the stories that were shared were about sexual assault in the workplace.

Alyssa Milano is the girl who encouraged many of the victims to speak up and talk about their stories to help them heal. It has also been a great way to get justice and to encourage others to speak up about how wrong it is to stay quiet. This hashtag has allowed many people to raise awareness about how common sexual assault is in our community and has made many people realize of how we should all support one another.

The me too movement has been one of the best ways to raise awareness about sexual harassment and has been a path to the healing process to many of the victims as well.